Keero Gold – Numerology Software


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Keero Gold – Numerology Software – Full Edition


» Automatically Correct Name according to your Lucky number. which suits you 100% or 50%.
» See Personal Lucky Hours of a day to do some Auspicious Work.
» In built Ram Shalaka.
» Bio Rhythm Chart [60 days]. Can save it to Image or print it.
» Graph to know Luck Level or Energy Level Acc. to Year cycle no., Month cycle No. & Day cycle number, on Daily, Monthly & Yearly basis.
» Personal Year number & Personal Month number Transit Cycles [ Clock Style ], showing effect of personal number in that period of time ( like Excellent time, Good time, Neutral time, struggle time etc. ).
» Get a hint of whereabouts and position of Any Person Gone from Home (Pravasi).
» Find Lost Articles / Things.
» Check any Name, Phone/ Mobile Number, Vehicle Number, House Number that how much percent it suits you.


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