Daivagyacharya CE – Astrological Software


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Daivagyacharya CE – Astrological Software – Calculative Edition

Astrological Software for Kundli Calculation Horoscope Generation

• Complete Parashar based Horoscope making Software
• Calculations of Kundli Milaan & Horoscope Matching
• Basic Calculations of Gochar & Realtime Gochar Wheel
• Basic Calculations of Jamini Calculations
• Basic Calculations of Krishna Moorthi Paddhati (K.P.)
• Calculations of More than 20 Dashas and their Dates.
• Most Accurate Calculations more than any other software, Predictions, Match-Making etc.

Description :
Other Important Tools :
• Customizable Work Space : Set On Screen what Feature/Pattern you want to see on the Sheets. 4 Custom Sheets. 7 Default Sheets.
• Ghati to Hour Converter
• Ayanamsha Calculator : Get Ayanamsha for any Date
• Time Correction : Correction of Time of the Horoscope according to Various Paramenters like Lagn chart, D9, Vinshottari Dasha etc
• Panchangam Correction : Correction of Time of Panchangam of any Date.
• Ephemeris Report: Make and Print any Ephemeris of any Range of Date and Time.
• Panchangam Report: Make and Print Panchangam of any Range of Date and Time.
• More than 11 Ayanamsha.
• Set Custom Number of Days of year for Vinshottari Dasha.
• Data Management : Save and Manage data of the Horoscope you make, to view them anytime later.
• User Management : Save and Manage the Astrologer User, so that the Astrologers Name & Details comes on bottom/footer of the Horoscope you make.


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